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Skilled & passionate local leaders helping to move moonsighting forward

Uzma Asghar – Birmingham – A community builder in Birmingham. Links Moonsighting to home schooling. A regular with her family on NCS Live.

Shameerah Peerkhan – East London – Passionate local leader – a community builder.

Ikram Ul-Haq – East London – Technical expert and keen photographer. A key figure in East London’s group.

Juned Patel – Bolton – Moonsighting legend, Moonsighting tech expert, photographer and passionate roving moonisghter.

Riyaz – Leicester – Experienced Moonsighter, goes up into the hills to catch the Moon.

Adnan – West London – A regular. Experienced moonsighter.

Zakia Umm Iman – Leicester – Passionate local Moonsighting leader – a community builder.

Hanaa Saidi – West London – A legend in the Moonsighting community. A community builder & chef! Hanna of Dhu’l Hijjah hot dogs and Mexican food on the hill fame!

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